Together, we can help animals in Finland

We firmly believe that everyone should treat all animals respectfully and help our best friends accordingly when needed, irrespective of the species. That is why we are working together with SEY to make life better for thousands of animals all over Finland. Find out how you can help below. Because they need us.

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SEY, Finnish Federation for Animal Welfare Associations, acts and operates to promote the welfare of and respect for all animals.

The actions of SEY aim at the welfare of animals in our society. The objective of SEY is that all animals are respected as feeling, sentient individuals and that the animals taken care by people live a meaningful life. By its actions, SEY especially aspires to prevent problems while also actively helping the animals that are suffering.

You can help us provide a better life for all animals across Finland by donating small amount of fee.

Help animal welfare counsellors with donation for SEY


SEY and HMP are working together for all animals across Finland.

"As a first online pet sitting service in Finland, Host My Pet is doing important job providing good care for our furry best friends. All the animals are not as lucky as Host My Pet customers. For example thousands of dogs and cats are abandoned in Finland every year. Now, by booking a trusted pet sitter from HMP you can also support the animals in need. SEY is working for improving animal welfare throughout Finland and is very happy about the partnership with Host My Pet, behalf of animals."

Annukka Seppävuori
Head of Communications at SEY


Your donations are helping us to improve animal welfare.

"Counselling is a central way to intervene in prevailing problems in animal welfare, and in preventative work the role of SEY yanimal welfare counsellors is especially crucial. Animal welfare counsellors also carry out precautionary animal welfare work by talking about animal welfare in schools, day care centres, other learning institutions, public events and media. People contact the animal protection counsellors of SEY by telephone or Internet on various animal-related problems, whether big or small. SEY animal welfare counsellors have participated Finnish animal welfare supervision since 1902. They are giving advises on animal-related problems about 10,000 times on an annual basis. You can help animal welfare counsellors in their work with donation for SEY."

Ksenia Peltovuori
Animal Welfare Counsellors' Coordinator at SEY

How your donations will help animals in Finland?

SEY’s member associations help thousand of animals every year. Host My Pet and SEY will ensure you that your support is strongly valuable.

SEY has about 80 volunteer animal protection counsellors throughout Finland. The animal protection counsellors of SEY have been part of the overseeing of animal welfare in Finland and increasing people’s awareness of animal protection since 1902. On the basis of the received information, the animal protection counsellors of SEY make inspection visits to locations where animals are kept when there is suspicion of animal mistreatment. Most cases are resolved by counselling and co-operating with the owner. In serious incidents, the investigation is transferred to the authorities. People contact the animal protection counsellors of SEY by telephone or Internet on various animal-related problems, whether big or small. SEY advises on animal-related problems over 10,000 times on an annual basis.

SEY has over 40 member associations throughout Finland. The member associations are the animal protection experts of their own areas. Most work for homeless animals and wild animals, and some run animal shelters. The associations also organise animal vaccination and identification marking campaign, food drives, and other events.

SEY believes in knowledge as the basis of all animal welfare promotion. SEY organises training events, supplies materials and publishes bulletins. The newsletter Eläinten ystävä (Animal Lover) discusses current animal issues and animal protection from grassroots work to political influencing.

SEY organises campaigns and events on current animal welfare issues. SEY has organised the annual Animal Week (Eläinten viikko) campaign since 1959.

The prevention of animal protection problems is important for SEY, working with children and young people a crucial issue. The animal handling training school ELLU, school visits, and the information package for the Animal Week (Eläinten viikko) increase children and young people’s knowledge on animal issues and protection.

SEY influences the legislation, policymaking and public opinion concerning animals. SEY issues statements, negotiates and participates in working groups, and advisory boards as an animal protection representative. SEY is a valued and expert partner.

SEY as a Finnish representative participates in the development of EU legislation on animal protection Eurogroup for Animals, an organization that has animal welfare organizations EU umbrella. SEY is World Animal Protection - a member of the animal protection organization and the Nordic Council. SEY participates in international campaigns and exchange animal welfare information about our home country.

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SEY, Finnish Federation for Animal Welfare Associations, active in animal welfare since 1901, is the biggest and most influential animal welfare group and animal protection expert in Finland. SEY acts for all animals and is active country-wide. The practical animal welfare work of SEY is done by over 40 member associations, and about 100 volunteering animal welfare inspectors and counsellors.

SEY acts and operates to promote the welfare of and respect for all animals. SEY believes people should also treat wild animals respectfully and help animals accordingly when needed, irrespective of the species.

(SEYllä on Poliisihallituksen myöntämä rahankeräyslupa numero RA/2018/733. Lupa on voimassa 01.01.2019-31.12.2020 koko maassa Ahvenanmaata lukuun ottamatta.)

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